Down at the basement of English building using computer, for all they have here is Apple Mac, I began trying to familiarized myself with it..
I remember last time I used it at a friend's house; we were so desperately bored and just played around with the speaking figure..
It was pretty stupid, but good time. Same day I competed drinking one liter of water with them, 4 of us. Remembering myself was placed the last, or the second last
and ask for the challenge about 15 minutes later. :))
Nostalgic I become often occurs when I have the moments.

Suppose dropping western literature will help me in many ways.
:) silly smiley face..

I have noticed something recently; as we spoke, we often trying to convey some ideas (well...although most of the time conversation seems to be pointless) and convince others. Even at this sentence I just typed out, I used "we" instead of "I," was
somewhat also because of such tendency.
Perhaps there's nothing wrong about all that
as we feel more comfortable with things/people that we feel familiar with. We like things that falls on the right track, or our track..
I guess talking, perhaps pointlessly, serves the purpose. Brainwash, in some sense, also does that.
What I said is totally pointless though; that's the only thing I am sure.

Marybeth and Fin exam.
That's what life is all about.
esp's either go A or go home..

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