Well...by far this is probably my favorite smiley face. I excessively used smiley face when text messaging or when instant messaging people...
but :), =), =] such are much simpler than :-)

I have been in the ugl for the past 4 hours..since I already gained 4 hours of sleep before coming here, I am not really tired even though it's almost 4 o'clock in the morning.
Last night I was at the library from 8 pm till 1 in the morning... This accounting group case was a lot more complicated than previous...maybe just the previous ones are too straightforward...
I re-read the content for at least 3 times but still not quite get some of the meaning, not till Michael, a group member, explains some key words to me had all that becomes slightly more clear.
Because of the the team member always had the past projects for reference, I am guessing that's how we get the project done so "efficiently" in the past, or at least that will be partial reasons
for the past projects were indeed some sort of guidance..
Last night, without that key member, who often contributed much and had the projects from past years, we were stuck there trying to figure out what's going on for the first hour of meeting...
Kinda sucks..even though I don't mind much as I felt less tired of studying when I have company.but very inefficient the meeting last night..
Felt bit frustrated to me as well, as it took me so long to figure out what's going on for the case although I know that my reading skills has so much room for improvement!
:) I was happy that finally we were going to work through the case ourselves without the outside help...but guess not as somehow one kid in our group just got a finished work from his friend...
Power of networking!!!!

Went to bed at 4:30...and pressed the alarm clock without clear consciousness; I almost failed to wake up for my finance class, I will probably drop the course if I had missed for a few more..luckily I woke up about 20 minutes before the class started
Pop quiz...I never figured out how to do those since Finance 221...always had to waited the exam had I known what's going on and how to do problems...
I was. I am. well...guess I can improve from now on.

Been thinking about what dgt told me, ""你"不等於"情緒"也不等於"想法",所以不要讓情緒和想法大到充滿你的生活或大到無法控制。讓情緒和想法控制你其實是比較容易," and those fundamental questions like what life is all about...
Unlike last year at about the same point of the time, I am more neutral psychologically when regarding these questions, I doubt would I ever find a solution, or indeed does there need to be one.
Perhaps I know the answer for myself, but the answer/solution perhaps happen only by chances..
perhaps, perhaps, what a great argument :)

Have a 2 page response due at 10 this morning...which I should spend about half hour to finish writing, if, I have something to say in mind.

I just recollected the memory that last summer on the trip biking around Taiwan, I kept diary to serve the purpose to keep my privacy away from others..
but meanwhile it also keeps myself from reading it...unlike reading in Chinese which I can finished a whole page sometimes within less than 5 seconds depending on the context and the contents,
but with the same length in English, it will take me maybe 2 to 5 times more to read through...
I guess writing in English now also served the purpose to hide something from not only those who read my blogs and also myself...

One advantage to write in English is that it is not the most apt language to me, so I can write it with much less emotion involved as I spend more energy trying to focus on the contents, word choice and grammar for instance.
Perhaps English itself is more fluent compared to Chinese when expressing out the feeling...

All those I mentioned...what is the point of all that...:)

I have the fear to be inferior compared to the others, not earning enough, with not enough prestige...
Some even deeper fear I have, this goes way back to the idea that I am going to write about for Romanticism...
It has been hundreds of years yet we, or most of 'we', seemed not even close to find the ultimate solution, convincing ultimate solution.
Time to write something real, not necessarily less interesting but definitely more pressure on that one.
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