I remembered at the beginning of the semester, when considering about the workload I will have, how pessimistic I was, or maybe optimistic as I expected there will be a great amount of it.
Perhaps just the first few weeks when the instructor has purposely designed the schedule to make it most tough so everyone will chuckle up (I don't even know what chuckle mean..) and be ready for the upcoming semester;
school work does become much less intense, to me, compared to it was at the beginning.
Although from time to time, I still have to do work for many hours straight, but I have already had the chance to played some aoe today and the past weekend.
I guess some work I just have already done chosen to pass down to later the semester, and oftentimes an easy week will follow by a hell week...I predict it will be next and the one after,
but because the hell is divided by two, it shouldn't be that bad.

I went to LaiLai today, alone, as I often do. For lunch, now I don't really have some "regular" friends to eat with anymore, I guess those who they were just remains so and some just do not have a match schedule or maybe pass out to another world. jk
I met friends there and it was quite nice of R. for inviting me to sit together after knowing I was there by myself, but I turned down his offer since I had a case that I needed to read over before team meeting later on this afternoon.
Then later on, two ladies showed up. That was interesting. haha
I went to a research session after this with Ava; every participant did his research surveying separately. It conducted every one to make sandwich and burger, with the request, you have to find out the ingredients provided on the right side of the screen, and select the asked ingredient and add them to the plate you are making.
It was not necessary a burger or sandwich, although most of them are. Ingredients in the products we are making can ranging from 4 kinds up to maybe 8 or 9 or even more.
When making the product, it allows you to make 2 mistakes, and making more 3 mistakes or more will cause the product to be thrown away.
For example, ingredients required to make a cheese burger includes, burger bun, burger, american cheese, lettuce and tomato; the burger you make will be thrown off if you add two ingredients that is not identified within the recipe.
The product, even with mistakes as long as they are less than two, will be sold to the customer and receive revenue. The participants, "the sandwich maker", will received a certain percent of the revenue he made as incentive...5 percent I think.
Usually each burger/sandwich costs around 6 dollars, or it might be sold at a fixed price of 6.05 dollars (for I dun really remembered the price at first, it seemed to increase and stopped at 6.05 dollars; this price might have something to do with my accuracy, but I can not be certain.)
Because when you moved the mouse to the left side of the screen to add the ingredients, the recipe will hide off automatically. It was hard to memorize all the ingredients so I always tried to left out two ingredients.
This research was timed, and each operation cycle was scheduled to be 4 minutes, so really you have to do it quickly and strategically...haha...There were 11 operation cycles as I recalled.
When making the cheese burger, I laughed a bit for I was able the product with only tomato, lettuce, and american cheese...there was no "burger" and no "burger bun."
At the end I made 22.97 dollars, the highest paid rate I have ever received in my life...haha...

Sometimes doing a group project can be really stressful, if you are trying too hard to take the lead. Some group project is not fun to do at all for many reasons, guess people always play a big role there.
For example, if God categorize all the hotties to FAA, then I guess a lot of people, stupid like me, will try my ass off trying to get into there.
I regret taking FIN 300 now, but even if I wait till next year or my senior to take it, will my grade improve? Probably not, and this course I am taking is still going on, so I can either dislike it and flunk it or I can pretend to like it and might find myself finally fall into it....
:D Recall what my ESL teacher said; she probably quoted it from somewhere else though, "Fake it till you like it." The western literature instructor also said that the other day, earlier this semester.

Last night I went to a planetarium, with a bus packed up with all the U of I students. A project for my astronomy class requires us to go and write what we have learned and answer some topics, such as why does the Moon appears to change it shape when perceived from the Earth.
For the night before I woke up at 3 and pulled a whole nighter, the next day I fell asleep during my literature class (what a pity that I already read half of the book before the lecture), and the following two hours before the next class started.
Then I fell asleep after laying on the seats of the planetarium. The dim light, gorgeously beautiful starry night scenes, stupid but somehow hilarious voice from the speaker and the fact of staying awake the night before all helped to hypnotize me.

Aoe really is a time killer...but I know I now might not be able to sleep early tonight...
It has been a while since the last time I went to bed by midnight.

There will be a lunar eclipse next Wednesday from I heard. You have to wait for another 3 years if you miss this one, unless you moved to some other locations of the earth...so such statement you fellows who live in Taiwan can perhaps ignore.
I used to don't give such a damn...3 years, so what, I didn't even care what was going on in the sky, "what's the freaking deal?" quoted from the planetarium speaker yesterday...
but I guess it is a beauty to see, for its rarity..and the beauty itself, it should be worthwhile to go out to the cold and see it!

I used to not consider beauty as any big deal either...
Do I now? Better I would say.

Library is closing...
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