I had a really really relaxing semester even though I took 7 courses, most of the time I was traveling and there was little need to study or to do homework. I found the education I receive unsatisfying, feeling a bit waste of time in the middle of the semester. It seems always easier to move away to find a better place to receive education in comparison to staying and trying to have things work out. 

I forgot who said that " It's not much about the city you are living in, it's about the people that you get to know in a city that determines whether you like this city or not." I felt that when I was traveling in Amsterdam and had friends accompanied the entire time. I found myself enjoy traveling more toward the end of my journey in Europe, perhaps I realized there is not much time to waste and I should cherish the moment? Maybe, but I think there is also some other independent factor that helps out, such as mindset changing. I enjoyed Paris very much despite the fact that I was sick the most of the time during my stay. The city is not very clean, smelly, very busy, and densely populated. I felt the city is much more vibrant than any of Germany, a bit more chaos as well. 

I tried French cuisine with two main courses and a glass of wine, costing me 63 euros. Spending much money on fine chocolates too. I really like the bistro called L'Os a Moelle. It's like a all you can eat bafe, but chiller and a bit more high/low class with a cozy, laid-back ambiance. I went twice and unfortunately the main courses were pretty much the same (the starter and the desserts never changed). It was still quite good though. 

It was on the sale season, and there were a lot of deals to harvest. I bought some outfit for my closet. 

I miss Vienna more or less because of the European lifestyle and the openminded-ness of Europeans. Also because friends I met here. I really had a great time hanging out with them!! I appreciate having the opportunities to come here to experience the life and being able to travel.

At the beginning, I found couchsurfing intimidating, or every time I first interacted with the host, worrying the concerns to be an ideal guest could ruins my trip, yet it always turned out well. I really like it a lot. Oftentimes the host is very helpful and nice in terms of giving me space doing things on my own. Having conversation or hanging out with the host is also great experience. Finding a host could often be difficult though, and a bit frustrating sometimes. 


...then I am too lazy to finish the rest...just leave it as it is then

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