This summer when a friend and I was having a little conversation, he told me that one of the things that he would accomplish was to successfully pursue someone. 

It might rank one of the top on his summer-to-do list, I imagined. I found that interesting.

As I often heard people said he/she wants a gf/bf, I felt the same. I don't consider having a bf/gf as something that you can accomplish however; it's simply not something that you earn. I think when you are in a relationsihp or you are potentially in a relationship, you got work to do to make things run. Although it shares some similarities with other daily tasks that you are obligated, it's just not the same.

I don't know why it's different though...can't think of a sound argument at this point.

but vaguely I feel that you simply meet someone right/great and you work from there. Of course you can shape someone into who you would like him/her to be (with/without twisting who he/she really was), but that's rare and I heard such from on 源氏物語 and stories of 童養媳.


I guess you can accomplish such... ( I surrender...), with some certain assumption... (for example, your goal is to have someone become your gf/bf).

I think relationship is an endless journey that one has to take on forever until he/she decides to withdraw. I guess I also accomplished...but the word accomplishing seems to materialize your partner.

and I don't like using it. Maybe I have such a strong bias on the word "accomplish." =p

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