It seems the number of readers have dropped by many since I moved. That's perhaps a good thing because it filters out many readers that normally I wouldn't bother interacting with. But then I think about not building up a tall wall for others, and thus this time I keep the barrier to the minimum as well.

I have been thinking about keeping in touch with old friends/and new friends...and blogs do come into minds, especially for old friends...when you stop sharing life or experience, sometimes the spark ceases. Although I know that it may be very possible that it could be reignited once again when the roads cross each other, I would still like to make continuous effort to connect my life to friends.

I don't write much, especially in English, but I will try to write more. I don't want to set a tone for my writing at this point, and maybe never will (or I already have...hahaha).

I write because of myself, and because friends like you who read.


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