I really think it's one of the coolest city I have been to! I didn't appreciate the beauty of architect in Chicago much, yet the day when I was walking on my way to Michigan Ave. to get my passport, I found many style pretty and intriguing, in different ways! Bringing a light little suitcase which is too short for me to wheel was still very muscel-killing. Took me about 45 minutes to get to the Austria Embassy, then the gentle man who I had dealt with in June told me both a good news and a bad news- the VISA is issued, and the passport is shipped back last Thursday, so it's not here anymore! 

Then I contacted Yin-Chi and she and her brother helped me get the passport, so that I can actually fly out of the country! Big thanks to them!!

Austrians have their own interesting kind of sense of humor...or maybe just that I understand their English better (maybe because of their accent and less usage of dialect or slangs). Like "good news and bad news" thing he told me, and yesterday I met my roommate and he was saying "he forgots to lock the closet and maybe I stole his clothes."

Flight to Wien was easy and fast, took a total of 12 hours. Zurich Airport is nice and different too! Have a lot of Schokolade und Käse, und Räucherlachs (chocolate, cheese and smoked salmon). Lots of Alkohol too! And there were only very a few Asians on the flight!!

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