I remembered back in the high school, every occasionally on the Wednesday's chapel, some funny kids will be on the stage and hosting a show called "Hump Day Hero." They will announce who is the hump day hero of the week based on the student nomination and the reasoning.

High school seems so far away. Even just two years or so ago, I recalled what Jako said "Freshman is like an age where you can still see dinasour"

This semester my heavy courses are mainly on Monday and Wednesday, so after Wednesday I always feel relieved as if I am done for the rest of the week. I want to push a bit further though because I still have a hard time keep up the momentum.
Speaking of momentum reminds me how many ultimate practices I have skipped in the past two three weeks. I tried to spend more time doing work even though in fact I think I could have used some more efficiency to get all the work done in time. I plan on attending the practice tomorrow night and the following though.
Business organization has occupied a small portion of my time, I am currently in two. I expect to get more out of both, much more than I do at this point. Although deep down I still don't find the feeling of fitting in (perhaps I am over-expecting again), but I think it should be more than that.
I am aware of the fact that it's very likely just my perception about the world.

I missed friends who I have not seen for a long time. I missed some really good friends who I have not contacted for a long time. These past few days especially, high school friends or some old friends.
Understanding better about those who are suffering melancholy at this point.

Two days ago when having meals with friends, I mentioned to them the feeling of decaying. At this point, I care so much about my future career, so is everyone else...a bit sick of the fact that people around me, and including me, care so much about the their future career only...although I have known such facts for long and have been awared of so for long.Not unhappy in particular, just feel strong about the Taoism today.

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