What can I say...
Stuff I just typed dissappeared...for no good...

Just got back home last night, woke up at 5 and went out to work out with my grandma. It was fun.
Not planning on getting a cell so if you need to contact me, email is probably the best choice (much faster than msn messenger because I will probably not gonna be online much.)
You can call me as well, yet I might not be home. 04-2321-5519

I am certain that I am going to change my webblog platform; I personally don't like wretch's system, the stupid categorizing requirement for example.
Now I am thining about pixnet or google blogger, depends on the ease of use and the language support.
Have a lot in mind that I want to accomplish over the break; time is short, but I should do better than the past summer.

Will write out a short semester review and list out the plan for winter shortly.

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  • Daniel
  • Just join bloggerrrrrrrrrr!
  • mrscoca
  • 你放到什麼時候?<br />
  • Jasper
  • My flight back is on the 19th of Jan.<br />
    :) Sure.