I can never think of a good title that fits to the content that I am writing, so I decide to neglect it this time. 
(Just like the topic choice...)

"Cherish moments spent with people around you because there are so many people in the world, but they are who you are the closest to."
"People just need to laugh more" --> emotion up and down v.s. stable emotion? 
"Taiwanese cliques"...interesting how people stick in together.
"You don't always get to do what you want to do"
"group project" accy project and finance project
"friends friends acquaince"
"Job application" 
"Scholarship application"
"scanning documents and cards"
"Positive thinking"

Semester is over. Honestly...this semester has gone by really really fast. It probably has something to do with I am taking easy on life, plus four school days a week only.
At this point, I don't want to review how much/how little I have done this semester. (Though very likely I will have the tendency to do so as my thoughts flow)
Semester ends, the ultimate practices ends, the German 103 ends, the Accy 303 ends. 
No more speeches, after next Monday!!! :) 
I actually am not afraid of public speaking that much at all now compared to the beginning of the semester.
Of course, those were all anticipated. Even war,we konw it will eventually end..(:P)
I now feel released though.

I am currently at the building where I file paper for taxation purpose. I should have done so at least a year ago, but....you got to do what you got to do. That's the wisdom of word I told Justin last night as we spent time changing my room setting for a several of times last night but ended up only making a slight change, from his point of view. 
I went to Murphy last night to have dinner with my German 103 class. It did not turn out as interesting as I expected it to be. I talked to people in classes that I never had a chance to talk to. 
Most of the time the class is quiet, esepcially on Monday when the class is supposed to discuss the required book reading, "Im Land der Schokolade und Bananen." :) I really wish I could talk more in classes some time but I don't have much to say because I was a butterfly without wings. (Is wing the right word?) 
I just don't have much vocabularyies to support me speaking, at this point. 
Nicolas Jentz is the man and pretty funny. He mentioned that Paul Meyer is quite a funny character and I told him that I agree with him, but he is not quite as funny as you are. 
Then Samiyuta started to laugh! I also asked her, in the dining table last night, why she laughed so much in class? 
She said the presence of the Nicolas would just make her laugh, and my presence as well. 
She and Sara and I would always laugh...or maybe giggle in class, although I sat so far away from them. 
The laughter is just contagious and made the classes so much more fun.

Accounting class is just one that I found really interesting....in general. 
Compared to the rest of the class I think I am one of the few who decide to stick to this major not just because of its usefulness but also of interest. 
I feel I still have so much to learn though, in terms of accounting, especially after the brutal project that my group spent about 10 hours of doing...without the outside help, we probably will not end up anywhere.

Then I think this article is supposed to end, othewise it will be too long and become even more pointless. 
As I write, the title has been formed itself. Even though it will contradict to what I stated at the very beginning, I think of the word "you got to do what you got to do" and am going to make change on the title.

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