Since things may not go away, especially when you care about it, here even though I am just going to talk about what is going on yesterday, it was a combination of time period that is more than just A day.

Yesterday was probably the most productive day I have been for long. Taking advantages in between my meeting or scheduled obligation, and now I am trying ot maintain the momentum.
I felt a bit upset when spliting to A,B team in practice, but as Stupca said that it's not two team, the A and B team, it's the Illinois team, and it's all about the program as a whole.

I was a bit down at the practice for not making the A team, but then I felt that if I made the A team, I might take it for granted as well. So just in terms of mindset, I don't think I am there yet.

That's the first tihng.

Finally we started the project #3, hopefully it's not too late...
I was trying to take the leader's role, asking everyone on the group to submit the 3 sources that we find before the thanksgiving break. It was expected that no one would actually do that. Not really a surprise at all...but that reminds me of many...
Reminds me of what Denis-the ultimate team captain-said, "we all know that we should do cross-fit and work hard in practice, it is always easy to say" "but whether we really made committment doing so or not, is what makes the difference"

Reminds me of what I read on the ultimate webblog few days ago, "I will be doing crossfit everyday over the break, yeh right, we know this is not gonna happen..."

and then comes to the one with business ideas
"Ideas are a dime a dozen, the execution is the key"

and then comes to personal relationship, I tried not to make promise that I won't be able to do, I tried not to make promise that I know I won't end up doing...though I still have tendency to give out a fancy bubble...

Recently I think of two friends of mine,
One told me that she really enjoyed the process of interviewing, she felt excited and fun to just talk in the interview. I could not imagine a year ago, but now I know what she is talking about.

The other said that she doesn't like speech at all. At presentation, she is nervous before she speaks, but when she is on stage, she doesn't feel the heat.
I start to agree with her more as I have more chance to give presentation this semester.

I have been thinking about problems like only a very few friends of mine that I will be keeping in touch after I graduate. That bothers me.
Not to mention the fact there were not too many people that I am interested in keeping in touch with, I have doubt on whether I will really be in contact with some of those I want to be in touch with.

Those don't bother me too much now, perhaps just a matter of fact that when you realize that it's quite normal and there's nothing much you can do about, then you came to a point understand that there's no need to panic, worry, or upset. (of course most of the time, you can do something about it, but you probably will choose not to. That's what I meant here.)
Yeh, things like that.

Lastly, who is interested in revising my article and gives me critiques? Thanks!!

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