Thanksgiving again...

How fast.

I am thankful to many, regardless of whether personally I am close to or not, regardless whether I like you or not.
The movie I watched last night reminded me of many. I was touched or brought back to the olde time as some quotes/words came out from the aside, the sister of the main character. Into the Wild it is.
"I loved him much enough/ I know him well enough to bear not to be informed."
"Joys can be found not only from human relationship, God places it all around us."

I long hoped that friends of mine are close enough or understand well enough that sometimes I do things for certain reasons. I hoped that they would always be aside of me regardless what I have done. I hoped that they will understand me as I might totally ignored them as I was going through things that are harsh and painful. There were a few, perhaps a few. The standard was overly restricted though I feel.
I thought of how I have felt and what I have wished, but it never came to the reality. It was easy to understand but hard to accept, which has me trapped in the cycle of depression.  I found my answer a while ago. With the well phrased second quote, I was brought back once again.

Now, I thought of what my god mother told me...a few months ago...
Interesting enough, knowing and fully understanding is never the same thing, not to mention being able to practicing such...

Glad the break is now here once again!
What a gift!
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  • happy thanksgiving!
  • Happy Thanksgiving!

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