I write this piece mainly because Rip, who is in charge of Illini Ultimate blog, asked me to as I told him that i would like to help out (preferably on a team base) writing the blog after he graduates next spring.

First time I started to get a taste of the sport was of my second year of high school in the U.S..
I was on the tennis team of Freiburg Academy, playing as a second single. The next year I transferred to St. Johnsbury Academy, I played intramural over the fall and winter and like the sport a lot perhaps because I had lots of fun outrun others and just hanged out with teammates. First two years I tried really hard to develop my English; therefore, in spring time when I tried to decide where I should choose to play ultimate and tennis-a beloved sport of mine for long-, I followed my ESL instructor's advice to go for ultimate because being as a team sport it is, I will much more likely be learning more language from that than playing tennis.

Playing high school ultimate had been lots of fun, it might even become my favorite sport among tennis at one point.
Now I think I like ultimate much more than any other sport though.

As I continued to play in college, I found that the competitive level was intensely higher. Because I was one of the star player on the team and given that, it was easier for me to make friends. Playing on a college team was just a totally different experience. I felt a lot less affiliated with the team and decided to drop out at the end of the first semester of my freshman year. Jako and Pappy talked to me and I changed my mind because I wanted to stay active and continued to practice my language.

My sophomore year, I stopped, for basically the entire year. I was going through some roughest time in my life. Perhaps because my life had been overly smooth the whole way, which made me so vulenerable, I was not able to minimize the time I depressed and impacted effect of my low points.
Not sticking to the team has a lot to do with I don't find many affiliated on the team though. There are only so many I consider to be friends there, yet not intimate after all. Not any that will initiatively come up to you by all means.

Whether I should keep playing really took me lots of thinking.
I am really not as obsessed to the sport as many others do. This is due to my personal philosophy and perhaps my nationality or how I identity myself.
At this stage, I want to keep playing ultimate. For many reasons.
1. I still have lots to work on in terms of English.
2. I need to stay active, physically and socially.
3. I want to see how far the team and myself can progress
4. I like my teammates and much more consider them as my friends now. People are the team on quite interesting and nice.
5. I want expose myself to the American culture more.
6. Perhaps, the most important, playing ultimate is fun.
Some of the reasons above are quite self-evident and some have many other supporting materials hiding behind.
Each of them, however, is all very self-supported and strong to explain why now I still continue to play.

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