Tourney Week
It was quite a different tourney experience for me, at least on a college level of the game.
I remembered two years ago when I firstly played on the fields, there were so many people who are better-playing better, knowing better- there to teach me about field knowledge, such as where to cut to, where to clear, when to cut, how to mark, how to position myself on defense, etc.
I played only so little last entire year, for maybe only 2, 3 times to practices and one time to the tourney. There were lots of veterans graduating and there is a huge gap needed to be filled.
Jako told me so, yet regardless of the fact, I played over the summer just to regain the feeling-although it was not quite as intense at all.
Honestly, I have not felt much intensity in the game for quite a while. I have not felt that I have pushed my limit to a point where I was almost dead.

Perhaps it was both because the fact that I didn't play last year and I have barely been to practice the entire semester, I was assigned to the B team in Nowisconsequence(the tourney's name).
I did not care that much though and actually enjoyed the relaxing feeling on the field, especially in the early morning when you were still tired and felt cold, it was definitely nice to take it easy.
First three games I did not care about whether we win or not, I was there just because playing ultimate is fun.
I despised some of the veterans' comments or starting speech, talking about although the teams we are playing against are not good and have only so few substitutes..blah blah blah...I didn't think it's worth mentioning at all.
Also they mentioned that it is okay to get a bit physical contact when guarding your guys, I think the intention to be more aggressive is alright, yet encourage rookies to walk on the boarder line of the rule was not a good idea, nor would it benefit them in a long run.
I didn't point it out because I didn't want to hurt people's feeling.
Perhaps that's what they consider to be an important issues, yet I feel the team should focus on:
1. prioritize what is the most important issues when circling up, because I feel people may be overwhelming and not knowing what they should be focus on working the most.
2. someone on the field, sideline should be writing down, if not descriptively, what individual and as a team could be working on. I feel it's especially important for rookies to not only have access available to the vet but also have the vets more initiative to approach the rookies on the field.
3. I think we can really on how to develop rookies' skills, especially, on the tournaments.

After the first three happy games, I started to care to win and started yelling on the field. I started to feel the frustration and became upset especially when I felt some people are not taking the games serious enough.
Just a thought, I have no position to judge and no desire to judge. I know I could have done so much more to the team yet I did not.

Final thoughts:
I was not very happy and a bit...frustrated...after playing on the B team. People were extremely nice, but it was just not the level of my game.
However, I am still considering whether to commit to playing so seriously and whether I should try to get on the A team.
I felt, because so many veterans have graduated, it is likely that I will have a spot if I want to earn it.
I still don't feel much affiliated to the team due to many reasons- culture difference, language barrier, mentality maturity(maybe).
Likely I will stick to the team though, because I really need to develop my language and want to know the culture better.
Moreover, even if I care a lot about winning or not on the field, I did not have that kinda ambition to advance the team to the national level(though it will be more fun), I did not understand why it is important to win sometimes.
Dear friends, I hope you are not too disappointed when you are reading this. I, recently, realized oftentimes I ask too much from friendship.

As a team member, I wrote this to express my thoughts. I understand many of the contents I stated may be vague or unclear.
Please feel free to ask my for more detail if interested.

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