I met with a pastor named Mike and also with my bible study/discussion tutor Victor this Tuesday.
So far I have been doing bible study for almost an year now, but I think I am still very far from jumping into the pool.
I personally feel that I know much more about Christianity than I did a year ago and besides knowing many church friends, but not much have I gained besides those.

Toward the end of summer, Victor told me "Jasper, I don't think I have anything else to teach you." "Do you still want to continue meeting with me?"
Therefore he went on and found and that was the first time we three sat together and just talked.

Question I asked inevitably included the story how he became a Christian.
It's interesting to exchange idea, spiritually and to know better where I am standing at.
I am not convinced the existence of the God... even though there are so many people who are much much brighter than me did not believe in Christianity at first and later converted.
He told me some interesting story about how he had encountered demons before and doing prayers helped him get rid of those demons in his house.
He also told me that prayers has brought many miracles in the hospital.
Both of which I have heard almost exactly the same but with Buddist version.

I greatly admire some people who can be so loving toward human being. (I think there's a word for it).

This journey has been fun and beneficial, looks like it will be a bit different yet more intriguing.
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