Sectional Weekend
It was perhaps the end of my club season. We had two tournaments the past two month, then we were done. How fast, I feel. Especially our try out was on the 23rd and 24th of August.
I was not particularly disappointed. I had not much team chemical feeling and no eagerness to win even though when I was on the field, I did not want my team to lose and would still cheer up and be an active side-liner to help out.
I felt extremely bad when I saw the disappointment of some of my teammates who were not called the line due to the necessity of winning the game. I once lost my focus on the field and spaced out for a while then thought of the friends’ wishes, which brought me back on to the game.
Tournaments, regardless, were a lot of fun though. Heckling, dancing without music on the field, watching people arguing about the rule, talking craps on the car, and doing stupid things in general. Seems the only thing we do in hotel after done with the games on Sat. is sleeping and watching TV. How boring…
Sometimes I wish I could be off when I am on the field, but now I am back home and I miss the time playing on the field.

Good quotes from Pavan
“Stay calm when you are on offense, but doing anything crazy when you are on D”
Brian Crysler
“We are all too intelligent to be crazy…”
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