I was extremely upset after talking to my dad the other day.
Although I must say that I know the way I have been as who I am upsets him much, but that does not justify how he upsets me (perhaps he doesn't even really how much he hurt me deep down as I never realize how much I hurt him).
There is no cure...at least I can't think of any

Facing the reality, perhaps. That is another solution, but what is the bonds? What benefit my old man for affording his little kid, who will most likely leave without even turning his head back, with a few million dollars a year.

At that point when he don't give a damn anymore, I will be truly on my own. --- When you hurt someone, whose fault is that? Depends on your motive of course. But if you do the wrong thing and the bad side effect went beyond you can imagine, you are still responsible for all of it? To me, the other party will have to take on some, at least some as well.. but doing such accounting job will never never never solve the essence of the problem.
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  • Jane
  • Cheer up Jasper!<br />
    這或許只是人生中小小的過程 呵<br />
    開學後大家一起加油吧~ XD
  • Thanks a lot Jane!<br />
    :) I'm a bit better now.

    veryjasper 於 2008/09/18 21:47 回覆

  • tcgs110531
  • Jasper,<br />
    不管是怎樣的關係,互相傷害是在所難免的<br />
    有時候,真的沒有誰對誰錯<br />
    我們所能做的,就是盡快讓自己站起來<br />
    繼續往前走<br />
    因為時間不等人的<br />
  • =) 最後一句蠻八股的<br />
    =) 謝謝你了小友,有很多時候煩惱是自己想出來的<br />
    你知道的<br />
    What you think does not necessarily reflect the reality!

    veryjasper 於 2008/09/19 13:02 回覆

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