I am a bit sick of it now since I have listened/watched for probably 10 tens over the past hour.


If I fail my Deustch exam, I probably deserve it for I have played over 6 hours of computer game today.
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  • hey be-lated happy birthday man<br />
    hvnt talk to u for a while<br />
    hows it going?
  • =) Thank you! <br />
    Angus?<br />
    Pretty good man, summer school ended two weeks ago and school is about to start again. I am a bit excited for some reasons. <br />
    I think I have done quite a bit over the summer although many of my plan were still undone..<br />
    How was your internship and everything?? ;) <br />
    When will you be back to the states?

    veryjasper 於 2008/08/17 01:01 回覆