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I have an econ exam at 7 pm this evening. Perhaps I should used past tense here..
Therefore there wasn't so much going on before that, nor after that.
Especially I try not to include things that may go beyond my privacy border, or maybe others' privacy border.
People seem to always be scared by some certain things.

I did not feel like studying, not even after I took an one hour nap. I did not feel ready, but afterward I felt I might do alright.
Might be even higher than the score I received the last time although it was not high either.
Because I went to sleep so late yesterday, I felt...shaky...not well in general the whole day; I almost fell asleep in my German class when we were reading the text.
It was long and very confusing...too many vocabularies I don't get; although the instructor always asked "Andere Fragen," I know I just can't throw him tens of vocabs altogether...
It's my problem, but it's my problem not to ask, or my problem not knowing enough vocabularies? or both?

I bought a bike for a friend, originally for myself but then I thought of him, asking me to find a bike if the quality of the bike seems to be okay and the price is reasonable.
Just now when I was typing out what he told me, I found there is actually a huge price gap between that he told me and the one I bought.
I guess I will wait and see. I am also going to get the bike from Jako at some point...
Because I am meeting up with the seller tonight, I went to Union to get cash.
There I met the African American who I have seen a few times on campus before. She, about half or one year ago, asked me for monetary help, but I didn't give a shit, I just rode off.
This time I actually talked to her and told her that I had seen her before and she had asked me for money. I asked her "How come the last time you said you needed money to go home, but you are still here?" "Why do I always see you around?"
"Where is your home?"
Her answer might not be important, but she promised me that I will not see her again once she is able to get home this time. The bus she wants to take will depart at 11 pm, which is about 2 hours from the moment when I was talking to her.
I gave her a dollar, and she kept persuading me, since one buck is far less than 19 bucks- the price of the bus ticket.
I then gave her another dollar, and she said "are you making fun of me..." something like that...something like "can you be more sincere?"

I responded, "I am very sincere, as I gave you two dollars," "I think you are not so much concerned about the 19 dollars as a whole, otherwise you won't take the additional dollar that I just gave you." "I don't mind if you want to give my money back to me."
Then she just smiled and left.

Honestly I think she tricked me although I was a bit happy since I won the arguing.
I must be sort of stupid..I recollect the time when I was sitting outside of a coffee shop with a friend and her dad. He unhesitatingly bought gum from the handicap lady.

One may argue that he is probably rich enough to afford and to not care so much about money. That is true, yet I still find one who is kind enough to do such extremely admirable. (Not saying not doing that is shameful though)
This evening even though I know she might be lying to me, I still gave her the money.
I gave her only 2 bucks and asked her to ask someone else for the rest of 17 dollars.
Which hedged me and prevented from losing further.
I know I could do more, but I am not selfless...especially I don't have enough information to judge.
Everyone has a story...
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  • skarenboo
  • I think selling stuff is way better than just begging for money!<br />
    At least they're tryin to make an effort!<br />
    naps are awesome thats waht i live on in school<br />
    wen anne comes bk u can ask her 2 be ur german tutor!!
  • I will ask her to be my tutor!! but she is gonna be here for only a month though.

    veryjasper 於 2008/07/22 12:38 回覆

  • skarenboo
  • yea shes coming bk on the 3rd of aug i think adn then leave sept<br />
    14ish?<br />
    she's visiting champaign either at the beginning of school or<br />
    right b4 school starts, well def hang!
  • =)

    veryjasper 於 2008/07/30 03:11 回覆