I had been doing my bond project last night, didn't really get it going after fooling around for a while.
Seems things always rolled that way. I don't write my part till the due day.
My part on the project is just the introduction although it is still lengthy to write.
I always have something that I can complain about. (always something I can do better on?)

Thought about the classes I will be taking over the summer and next semester...
If I take an additional 1 or 2 courses to the original 4 I planned on doing, I will be a lot better off.
Because then I will have my most general education out of the way, but concerns about my motivation also worries me.
I worry I might not find enough motivation to keep up with the work all the way through, some courses I am not so sure whether I am interested in taking or not.
Like personal wealth management and the bonus, science of music (science of music?)

For next semester I plan on taking 2 major courses, 1 language and 1 general education course.
Thinking about adding one more to make it 18 credit hours, but from past experience, it does not seem to be a good idea.
Maybe I should take less and focusing on lifting my grade up and doing extra curriculum.

A friend praised me for I seem to always be carefree on everything...
Not entirely a good thing though, perhaps at times when they compared to those who emotionally crashed or characteristically easily upset..
Sometimes I envy them, even though I don't feel "zombie" for a while.
Things you don't like will not just go away unless you...deal with it.
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