Another heavy schedule day...
as usual..

Somehow I feel much less pressured compared to the beginning of the semester...much much less motivated as well.
The instructor said that exam's average over the past was about 70ish, compared to which I think I did okay~good, as I estimated my grade to fall somewhere between 70 to 90 for this one.
Confidence level?? Let's don't bother with that for now.
Last night was playing card game...haha, I think one has to be more committed once he/she decide to 通吃 or aim for 豬羊變色.
Fried chicken from KFC was really good, it was probably my first time having KFC chickens after having been here for 4 years now.

Ignorant is a bliss...what a word...

I signed up for a case competition last night; it was originally open for students with James scholars in college of business only, but for lacking of the number of people involved, it opens up to all the students within the college.
One of the concern I had was on the description of the case, "the dinner will start at 6 pm on Friday and the case will start to be present on Saturday at 8 am," it noted.
It seemed to me that the team will have to stay there and pull everything together the whole night...quite interesting...
A few reasons pushes me to sign up; networking is one, having something to write on my resume is another.

Although I currently still have no goal for future, nor do I know what my true passion is...perhaps keeps head up high is always a better strategy?
if that counts as a strategy...

Few more short-term obligation I have this up coming week,
writing another analysis paper for literature, still need to finish reading before I write
astronomy report, 2 homework, one quiz, and one exam coming up...this one sounds a lot, but shouldn't be too bad, after all it's just one hundred level course
finishing grading.
finance 300...exam next Thursday...嘖嘖
accounting 301, lots of reading with 2 cases due next Mon. and Wed., one group and one individual, group one is usually not hard as in a group there is always someone push you through, and my group is fairly strong I would say..
accounting 302, very peaceful as I just finished the exam two hours ago
and the case competition is next Friday..

Hopefully writing up these obligation can help me find my goal, goal of the week..
need to call home at some point in the short coming future...

cook-dessert esp, piano, ultimate, tennis...
Haven't exercised much this year.

:) here's the word.
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