Was planning on waking up early to read the required materials for my literature class but ended up waking up at 11:30,
didn't really get out of bed till 3 in the afternoon.
Skipping one finance class is really not something so major that I have to drop it for now, but did feel frustrated as it is the class I found least motivated to study for.

I woke up and served myself some coffee and apple turnover, brought from Meijier. (when's the next time I will go there to do grocery shopping?...for that, I do not know.)
Was it yesterday, yes...It was yesterday when I was waiting for my next class, I read a few pages on "Sorrows of Young Werther".
There were some passages I really like, or I should say what the diary keeper's questions about the people around coincides with what I have had thought about.
He said "when I see how all our energies are wasted in providing mere necessities, which again have no further end that to prolong a wretched existence..."
"All learned professors and doctors are agreed that children do not comprehend the cause of their desires; but that the grown-up should wander about this earth like children, without knowing whence they come, or whither they go,..."
Similarly, in another required reading text, "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass", after the slave, the author and the narrator, successfully acquired the skills to read, and therefore had known what the cause of the enslavement system and was able to perceived more clearly than ever the condition of his fellow brothers and himself, he recalled and wrote down the following passage.
(for he has not successfully known how to write till years later)
"It (the ability to read) had given me a view of wretched condition, without the remedy. It opened my eyes to the horrible pit, but to no ladder upon which to get out. In moments of agony, I envied my fellow-slaves for their stupidy."

To me, the story he described about the treatment black people received without even realizing was astonishing.
I thought it would be some boring reading, but although I am now just about 40 percent through, I found reading this was somewhat inspiring, interesting, and sad, definitely.
I was also surprised when first reading the preface of this book because this week in class we are supposed to be focusing the topic on romanticism,
which I maintained the images on "romantic love" and "chick-lit" types of story. I did not expect to read stories on the system of slavery.
For which, I speculate, it has something to do with the sensibility, which is not limited in the romantic loves, but also includes all sort of elements that triggers emotions.

The passage I quoted from Sorrows of Young Werther just revealed what I had been thinking about over the past, the period where I was so depressed and found no motivation.
Although I had gained more "sense," by eliminating some of the indifferent feeling, I guess I am still in somewhat a low points recently.

Today was a birthday of a friend of mines, and I was asked to sing a song for her.
I was reminded of another passage on the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, he mentioned that when black people sing, they sing, not out of happiness but deep sorrow and sadness.
I wasn't in a mood as I now rarely talk when at home, and before coming to dinner, I just finished being silent for about 4 hours reading and doing my own task,
It wasn't pleasing to isolate myself not talking and interacting with your roommate, but what else can you do when one side is being indifferent, and then you are turned indifferent-which often accompanies with other deep emotions, angers, disappointment, etc.
I had fun tonight though, which is rare for most of the time at friends' birthday parties I am usually just happen to not be in a mood.

I don't like the harassment of the noise made by base.
Very likely today I will pull my first whole nighter of this semester.
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