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  • 如果


直接跟他說 "你很爛耶"





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  • soinvain
  • Everythin happened for reason.<br />
    但就我認為 如果是在自己可以控制地情況下就不要去傷人比較<br />
    好吧?<br />
    雖然世界上沒有什麼所謂的"不可以劈腿" "不可以對不起別<br />
    人"之類的RULES<br />
    But in my definition,我就是沒辦法認同刻意的傷害<br />
    即使要跟第三者有關係也應該要先跟現在的弄清吧?<br />
    IDK 感情的世界沒有絕對 所以很難說<br />
    <br />
    我覺得真正的朋友是後者ㄝ<br />
    像我喜歡SCOTT的一點就是 妳有缺點 他一定會當面跟妳說<br />
    (初非你不是他的好友或他討厭你)<br />
    或許描述的方式不對<br />
    But still, 出發點是對的<br />
    至少有人敢出來說 ㄟ你很爛ㄝ<br />
    表示這個人在乎妳<br />
    <br />
    最近很忙呀!!<br />
    我加入ISA<br />
    這星期CSA(中華同學會)有CHINA NIGHT<br />
    我是HOST 而昨天才剛考完期中考所以HOST的是都沒啥準備<br />
    緊張啊~~~~你也知道我的英文退步了很多<br />
  • Jasper
  • I have the desire to challenge what you said <br />
    from the very first sentence, "everything <br />
    happens for a reason." :)<br />
    but I guess what I have in mind does not matter <br />
    so much afterall, as we know that we both holds <br />
    our belief, in peace. <br />
    I was bugging by some similar question <br />
    previously as well. "If I happened to sleep <br />
    with a woman who desperately needs sex, and so <br />
    do I, the next day I rejected her request to be <br />
    in a relationship which caused her to commit <br />
    suicide. Should I feel guilty about that? or am <br />
    I even responsible for all that just happened?" <br />
    That's the basic idea, of course how I handle <br />
    such will be a big factor as well....<br />
    <br />
    The way of saying thing, or handling situations <br />
    can really make the consequence different. <br />
    That's all I can say. <br />
    <br />
    Keeping yourself busy is a good thing, at least <br />
    I consider so. <br />
    <br />
  • Jasper
  • Your English listening and speaking should be <br />
    fine, I suggest that if you want to improve <br />
    your speaking, listen more; if you want to <br />
    improve your writing, read more. <br />
    and to improve reading, reads more and increase <br />
    your vocabularies help your reading. To improve <br />
    your listening, listen more..not so sure. <br />
    but they are all binded together in some ways. <br />
    That's my 2 cents.
  • Gtin
  • ㄟ<br />
    如果以後...<br />
    我做了什麼你覺得很爛的事情你就直接跟我說好了<br />
    嗯~~~有個人真的告訴你很爛這樣好像不錯<br />
    哈...只是突然看到你寫的這篇有的感覺啦 XD
  • Jasper
  • To: Gtin<br />
    I really think it all depends..<br />
    some people are frank to take all the criticizing and find no<br />
    offended, some just are not as open-minded I would say...<br />
    <br />
    For you, I might, and I consider you to be someone frank enough<br />
    to tell you truth...<br />
    Things are so easy as it appears to be/ appears to be like what<br />
    I said, but I will try. <br />
    <br />
    Some other fact, just my two cents, that I want to share with<br />
    you is that frankness itself should already automatically reduce<br />
    what your frailties for you should be an open-minded one who<br />
    from time to time or even more frequent, eflects and re-examines<br />
    your behavior on your own.