I had a team meeting last Friday, which served the purpose to set up a few team goals and just to talk about how we can all be better in general.
Since I had only been to practices three times this semester, I was a bit intimidated before I went, and even considered if I should just not go.
Well, the team meeting turned out to be pretty successful, as many veterans and rookies gave out what they thought about; I think that was great.
One of those were that we should hang out more, and many others are like we should have a calender set up for working out outside of practices and divide into smaller group for working out and such.
I thought of the conditioning issue but did not put it as all I can think of to say is just " I think we should do more conditioning training" ;most of people who spoke lasted about half minutes at least.
Wasn't brave enough to speak up, even in front of team that I am very familiar with, maybe because I haven't been around for a while.
Then here was the fall out. After the game today, I think we should do mental training, since we inevitably have to run through the tiredness during the game; The team will definitely be better if we can all be affected less by the weather conditioning, really focus on playing the game from the very beginning (since we always fooled around then tried to fight back after losing for a few points, but sometimes it is too late.)

I woke up at 7:20 and Segil's car came by about 20 minutes later. The weather in the morning was chilly and it got warmer, luckily.
Almost always I don't really feel like playing the game competitively until we lost for a few points, or not after I dropped a disk which there was no way that I should drop it.
I did not find myself to be as ready as my other teammates seemed-like. at least not the beginning part.

Basically last year I was in some sort of pain. I didn't feel so associated with the team, felt I have made only some friend compared to other guys on the team are just really chill to each other.
Even at the sectionals, I did not really care so much whether we will advance to the regional or not in contrast to some people who really wanted it!
Similar to the fact that I did not care about whether our school team regardless which sport win or not.
Last year I felt I sucked so badly especially after I did not make the A team and after that I did not play as intense as I used to, (or I can say I did not fully capitalize my potentials, not even close)
Just somehow think of many things which had happened last year. I watched most of my rookie teammates stepped up and become significantly better than they were when they first came. That made me feel inferior as I didn't see much progress happened on me last year.

This weekend I was back to the field again. Since the last time I played a real tourney was about half year ago. I missed Pappy, DCS, Nawa, and the Jako on the field.
Many great things happened through out the first day, we called time out after we were down by 3 points, then tried to tie together and fought back but failed. We lost the first two games.
Most of the time we had to be down by a few points before we were really on fire. I felt I had improved a lot, knowledge wise, not so much conditioning wise but still,
and as a veteran, I felt the responsibility put upon me even if I am not one of the best players on the team.
I cherish the time talking to my other teammates now and started to seriously consider that I really should spend more time hanging out with them outside of field. Watching the rookies play reminded what I was like last year, and I felt affiliated with the team, the second time. (First time was when cheering up the A team on the sideline at Regionals.)

I had played handlers more often than I used to this weekend. Beforetime I did not have a clue where to cut to after I passed the dump throw but now I had evolved somehow this year.
I had dropped some easy throw and picked up soon afterwards, didn't find it so hard to fight through even when my energy level was low. Perhaps I was just hypnotized with the fact we had about 16 subs available...

(It's all over. Thank you for spending time reading about my life) Second day was just so windy that when I was watching at the sideline, it seemed like people on the field have never played ultimate before and just fooled around with the discs, somewhat funny.

I was just really happy that I did not give up on playing ultimate. As Jako said, "Some people may said that ' oh, my grade last semester was so bad and my mom wouldn't let me play ultimate', or 'oh, I have so much work to do this semester'"
"I just find it really unacceptable, if you commit to the team, you need to think about how other people are also sacrifice their time,
We need to make the national this year! I want to get tougher and better in many ways, eventually I will make the A team.

(I know I haven't talked much about the games, but I will try to jot down more descriptively next time.)
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