coz I feel I almost forget how to speak and write!
I know I still have so much to learn!
Not just because of that, I talked to Becky this afternoon and gave her this web link
Hopefully she will be able to understand at least some of the articles I write, so here I am.

I got into a fight with my dad yesterday so didn't feel motivated to be productive. Thereby I didn't wake up till 11ish.
I read a bit then went out for lunch.
The past few days I have been relearning german on my own; I am taking 102 next semester and since the last time I learned German it has been a while.
I went into Gjun, a computer learning center, for a little while.
Remembering about 7 years ago I spent 800 bucks to become life-long member, I always get blamed by my dad for not capitalizing the previleage of members-not signing up for the courses offered there after paying the money!

I learned something similar case in Accy! but he will just get even more pissed off
if I tell him that.
At least now I can freely just go in and use computer. 真的是巨匠就是我家

I was going to run afterwards, but for some reasons I got lazy and went home, then fell asleep, when I woke up, it was about time to go do some Yoga!

It was really peaceful and relaxing; some 姿勢 is really hard to follow! I am too hard to bend.
:P Jk,
Thanks for Sister Cathy to bring me there! It was really interesting experience!
I went for a run afterwards, and she waited there for like 40 mins maybe?
Need to learn how to breathe; we talked a lot, spirit and soul kinda cool stuff. :)
Life is good.

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  • skarenboo
  • hey how dare u... that's one of the most known french songs!!!<br />
    ha.. yea he was pretty stupid!!
  • NiNi0310
  • 我都會常常和我媽咪吵架說......an<br />
    d每次她都叫我::”滾回美國<br />
    去!!”....<br />
    <br />
  • Jasper
  • To: Lei-Ni<br />
    我記得你我吵過一次架<br />
  • NiNi0310
  • 真的假的!!我們吵過架.... 我們才<br />
    認識一年ㄝ~就吵架過喔...唉~看來我<br />
    真的很壞人... <br />
    <br />
    到底是吵什麼啊<br />
    <br />
  • 路人甲
  • 姿勢=posture<br />
  • veryjasper
  • 謝拉路人甲^^